MxV Rail Standard Customer Satisfaction Survey


The Mechanical Inspection Department of MxV Rail is committed to meeting and/or exceeding your expectations in regard to our Inspection activities.  In order to measure the degree of your satisfaction with our work; we have prepared this survey form (questionnaire). 

Please fill out the this form by rating the performance of MxV Rail for each inspection or project in five categories as defined in the following paragraphs:

 All surveys are confidential and the results are not shared with the Inspector.

Your information:

Inspector was knowledgeable of procedures:

Inspector complied with safety rules:

Professional appearance and demeanor :

Effective communication of rule references in reports and at the facility:

Past/current reports convey actual inspection results discussed at the closeout meeting:

Any exceptions were reviewed and explained at the closing meeting :

Inspection deliverables provide value-added  benefits to your railroad or shop :

Inspection addresses important needs of the industry:

Inspector(s) focuses on industry requirements and provides suggestions to problems:

Reports are received from AAR/MxV Rail staff in a timely manner:

Past phone calls from you (the customer) were promptly returned  by staff and MID personnel:

Other MID Services Provided:   


If Mechanical Training was available in your area, would your facility wish to participate?

If you answered yes to the above, please indicate the type of
Mechanical Training your facility would request. 


QA M-1003 Program

Are there any questions you have on the AAR M-1003 program or
would you like information on the program?

If yes what would you like?

Would you like MxV Rail to follow-up for further discussion?