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Approved wheel shops (by status code)

1 Wheel mounting shop-freight car (complete with wheel press & boring mill)
2B Approved roller bearing repair shop-freight and Amtrak passenger car
2E Roller bearing cone bore and outer ring counterbore plating approval
2F Approved roller bearing repair shop-freight car
2G Cone face grinding
2P Approved roller bearing repair shop-Amtrak passenger car
2S Roller bearing cone stress relieving approval
3A M-967 Axle repair shop-journal, seal wear ring groove and water etch repairs-freight car
3B M-967 Axle repair shop-journal  repairs only-freight car
3C M-967 Axle repair shop-dust guard repairs only-freight car
4 Wheel and axle shop-locomotive
5 Wheel and axle lathe(s)-freight car
6 Wheel lathe(s)-freight car
6A Wheel lathe(s)-Amtrak passenger car
7 Axle lathe(s)-freight car
7A Axle lathe(s)-Amtrak passenger car
8 Wheel and axle shop-passenger car
8A Wheel and axle shop-Amtrak passenger car
9 Roller bearing mounting-freight and Amtrak passenger car
9A Removal and reapplication of roller bearing end caps