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  • Routine Mechanical Inspections, Certification/Recertification Ispections & Training
    Stephen C. Berkshire
    Chief Inspector – MID
    Office & Fax 804-716-9392

    Rule 88 Inspections
  • Jon Hannafious
    Senior Manager, Equipment Engineering Committee
  • Office 719-584-0682

  • Test Certifications: (S-060) Component Approval
  • David Cackovic, Assistant Vice President and Chief Technical Standards
  • Office 719-584-0553 Fax 719-584-0770
  • david_cackovic@aar.com  

  • AAR M-1003 Certification, Recertification and Compliance Audits
  • Don Guillen
    Manager, Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance Committee
  • Office 719-584-0715