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Intermodal approved equipment

Conventional (Standard) Container Equipment

   AICM 5317 53 foot container

Deck Mounted Container Locks

   Holland Model 68830 automatic twist lock

   Holland Model 72280 low profile automatic container lock

Interbox Connectors – IBC’s

   Buffers Model 6961

   Holland Model 73710

   Martec Model WMEC

   Peck & Hale Model 2004

   General Lashing Systems Model BD-R1

Specialized Container Equipment

   Raildecks, Inc. flat rack versions 6.2 and 7.1        

   Intermobile Container (covered hopper type)       

   Southwest Container Solutions PneuBulk 1 ISO Pneumatic Bulk Container     

   CakeBoxx Technologies Model 732 (Conditional Approval – May, 2017)