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The Damage Prevention & Loading Services Team (DP&LS) conducts testing for railroads, shippers and suppliers in establishing industry accepted loading rules and standards. DP&LS is responsible for testing and publishing approved loading methods and materials for closed car shipments moving in boxcars and intermodal equipment, as well as open top shipments. This group coordinates their efforts through the industry’s Damage Prevention and Freight Claim Committee and Open Top Loading Rules Committee.

Another key function of the DP&LS group is the prevention of damage to motor vehicles shipped by rail. The DP&LS group conducts Quality Reviews and provides training at motor vehicle loading and unloading facilities involving equipment maintenance and placement; vehicle handling; loading/unloading procedures; and security. The Multi-Level Manual containing industry rules; standards; specifications; and recommended practices with respect to equipment, maintenance, vehicle handling and securement is maintained by DP&LS.


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Kelsey Even

Closed Car Loading Rules Manager
Transportation Technology Center, Inc

55500 DOT Road Pueblo, CO 81001

Phone (719) 225-0822 | email: kelsey_even@aar.com



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