QA Events and Training Courses


M-1003 Basic Auditor Training Class (face-to-face):
The M-1003 Basic Auditor Training Seminar is intended to improve the participant’s knowledge and skills needed in conducting M-1003 internal or external audits.  This course provides 24 hours of instruction and learning exercises that include:  auditing techniques, a thorough review of the M-1003 requirements, development of an organization’s Quality Assurance Manual/Procedures, and personal auditing experience gained through active participation in case study work, group exercises, and class discussions. Cost $1,200.

M-1003 Advanced Auditor Training Class (face-to-face):
The M-1003 Advanced Auditor Training Seminar is designed for those parties seeking in-depth training in AAR Quality Assurance Program auditing techniques and practices.  Attendees must have attended the AAR Basic Auditor Training seminar.  The attendee must have performed at least one internal or external audit prior to attending the seminar.  The course will include: case study work, a detailed quality assurance manual review using the QAPE checklist, and various role-playing activities.  Hands-on experience is obtained though participation in an on-site compliance audit.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required for this class including hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection, and steel toe shoes. Cost $1,200.

Root Cause & Corrective Action Class (face-to-face and Webinar):
The Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action course is an interactive two-day training program and is designed to improve the problem-solving skills of employees by promoting the understanding of the processes and techniques used for effective root cause analysis and corrective action implementation.  The intent is to enhance awareness of the underlying causes of problems that negatively impact many organizations' operations, quality, and profitability.  Instructors will utilize lectures, group discussions, hands-on exercises, and other interactive activities to develop the knowledge and skills of the attendees. Cost $860.

New:  M-1003 Basic Auditor Training Class - Webinar:
The M-1003 Basic Auditor Training is intended to improve the participant’s knowledge, background, and skills needed in conducting M-1003 internal or external audits. This course provides a thorough review of the M-1003 requirements; development of an organization’s Quality Assurance Manual/Procedures; and administration of a facilities audit program.   Personal auditing experience is gained through active interaction in class discussions.  Completion of this class is equivalent to the face-to-face Basic Auditor Training Class.  Cost $1200.

Basic Auditor Training Classes:

Basic Auditor Training, June 30 – July 1 - Webinar

Basic Auditor Training, September 22-24 in Nashville, Tennessee

Basic Auditor Training, September 22-24 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Basic Auditor Training, November 10-12 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Advanced Auditor Training Classes:

Advanced Auditor Training, July 7-9 in Monclova, Mexico

Advanced Auditor Training, Sept 29-Oct 1 Jacksonville, Florida

Advanced Auditor Training, October 13-15 in Colton, California – Registration Link pending

Advanced Auditor Training, November 17-19 in Greenville, South Carolina

Root Cause & Corrective Action Classes:
Root Cause & Corrective Action Training, August 18-19 - Webinar

Root Cause & Corrective Action Training, October 20-21 in Orlando, Florida

All participants are responsible for their own hotel accommodations. A discounted rate is available when you book in the AAR room block.

How do I pay for the Training Courses? 

To students for AAR M-1003 Classes:

Please note that for payment, credit card is always preferred.  If a purchase order is the only available method for payment, all terms and conditions of the purchase order MUST be removed prior to submission.  If terms and conditions remain, the registration will be voided.


A los estudiantes para las clases AAR M-1003:

Tenga en cuenta que para el pago, siempre se prefiere que se haga con tarjeta de crédito. Si una orden de compra es el único método disponible para el pago, DEBEN eliminarse todos los términos y condiciones de la orden de compra antes de enviarla. Si los términos y condiciones permanecen, el registro será nulo.

What is the cost of the M-1003 Training Courses?

The three-day M-1003 Basic and Advanced Auditor Training Courses cost $1,200.00 The two-day Root Cause and Corrective Course costs $860.00. All classes include continental breakfast and full lunch each day.

Who should attend the M-1003 Training Courses?

The courses are ideal for the following people: • Any individual requiring a working knowledge and understanding of the M-1003 Specification for Quality Assurance • Quality professionals and consultants that are new to the railroad industry. • Railroad industry quality managers and supervisors responsible for training internal QA auditors and implementing a Quality Management System.

How do I register for an M-1003 Training Course?

An AAR Circular Letter will be released when event registration has opened.

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When is the next QA Conference?

The Association of American Railroads’ 33rd Annual Quality Assurance Conference is scheduled for January 26-28, 2021 at the Hilton Fort Worth in Fort Worth, Texas. Open sessions are on January 26-27 and workshops on January 28.