M-1003 Chapter 7 Non-conformance Reporting

Chapter 7 User’s Guide

The objective of non-conformance reporting is to document and provide traceability of an M-1003 covered material or service failure or the failure of a material described in the Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices. Also, it is to document the material’s disposition, the corrective action taken to ensure that the cause of the failure is eliminated, and the follow-up initiated to ensure that the corrective action is effective and permanent.

The Quality Assurance non-conformance Report Form (QA-7.1), the Quality Assurance non-conformance Response Form (QA-7.2), and the Quality Assurance non-conformance Response Evaluation Form (QA-7.3) (AAR Web-based reporting at http://aar.iirx.net), must be used by railroads, private car owners, car builders, shippers, and companies authorized to do manufacturing, modifying, requalifying, repairing, reconditioning, or remanufacturing of a material or service described in the AAR’s Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices.

The goal of this page is to provide information on how to submit QA-7.1, QA-7.2, and QA-7.3 forms using the online AAR non-conformance website. For guidance on other topics, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Figure 7.1 from M-1003 shows a process map for Chapter 7 non-conformance reporting.

All M-1003-certified facilities must meet the requirements of M-1003, Chapter 7. One of these requirements is to submit all non-conformance reports online at http://aar.iirx.net. As such, a working knowledge of the online non-conformance reporting system is vital. After creating a user account and logging in, all non-conformance reporting is handled through the “Commodity Compliance” tab. 

When referring to Chapter 7 requirements, there are two important definitions to keep in mind:

Initiator – The company or organization that identifies and reports the failed material, product, or service. This can be both certified, and non-certified facilities.

Contractor – An M-1003-certified manufacturer, supplier, or reconditioner that provides a nonconforming material, product, or service and is responsible for responding to the QA-7.1.

Here are the basic steps in the Chapter 7 non-conformance reporting process:

  1. Initiator submits QA-7.1 within 30 days of identifying the nonconforming material. Initiator should complete all fields in the QA-7.1 as thoroughly as possible. After all fields are complete, click the Submit button. Once submitted, AAR and contractor are automatically notified.
  2. Contractor reviews disposition of the nonconforming material, and submits a QA-7.2 within 60 days of the initiation date of the QA-7.1. AAR and initiator are automatically notified.
  3. Initiator evaluates the response on the QA-7.2, and submits a QA-7.3 within 30 days of submission of the QA-7.2. AAR and contractor are automatically notified.
  4. If the Initiator determines that the QA-7.2 was incomplete or did not fully address all five corrective action steps, the contractor will have 30 days to revise and resubmit the QA-7.2.
  5. After the initiator accepts the QA-7.2 response, the AAR Quality Assurance Committee reviews all reports for appropriateness, and gives final approval. The QA-7.1 is now considered closed.

Important note: After the QA-7.1 is submitted, the contractor and initiator can upload any supplemental documentation or photos as required, using the “Attachments, Pictures, Reports” tab within the report.

If you have further questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Page, or email QA@aar.com.