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Field Programs and Training:

The Damage Prevention & Loading Services (DP&LS) group conducts Quality Reviews at motor vehicle loading and unloading facilities to evaluate performance and conditions based on industry standards.

Measurements during Quality Reviews are provided in the areas of equipment maintenance and placement, vehicle handling, vehicle loading/unloading procedures, and vehicle securement.

Evaluation criteria are based on industry standards as published in the AAR Multi-Level Manual. Composite results measure overall performance trends and are part of industry scorecards.

The DP&LS team provides on-site training for vehicle loaders, unloaders, and equipment maintenance personnel. These training sessions are comprised of classroom instruction and hands-on experience.

Support of Industry Automotive Initiatives:

Support of Industry Automotive Initiatives: The DP&LS group supports the railroad and automotive industry's initiative to improve rail transportation of motor vehicles. DP&LS work with the railroads' Multi-Level Pooling Executive Policy Committee (MPEC) and the auto manufacturers' Automotive Industry Logistics Steering Committee (AILSC).

Major focus areas of this initiative are multi-level fleet utilization, vehicle quality, maintenance and enhancement of equipment, and improvement of Mexico/U.S. rail transit and vehicle quality.

The DP&LS group provides input on vehicle damage prevention issues addressed by MPEC/AILSC. In addition, we directly support industry efforts by the MPEC Task Force on Vehicle and Equipment Quality (VEQ) and the Specially Equipped Freight Car Committee that develops specifications for multi-level equipment and industry rules for equipment maintenance.

Manuals, Posters & Training Programs MANUALS

May be purchased online at www.aarpublications.com.


Multi-Level Manual for Motor Vehicles Recommended practices for motor vehicle loading and unloading. Includes AAR Standard Vehicle Inspection Format—Definitions & Instructions. Also includes Section I and Appendix B from Mechanical Division Manual of Standards & Recommended Practices. (Rev. 04/17) $168 (PDF Electronic) $193 (Hard Copy/Paper)

Equipment Maintenance and Handling

Proper Placement of Multi-Levels This video is directed towards switch crews that place multi-level auto racks for loading and unloading motor vehicles. The video details many recommended procedures for placing multi-levels that will aid in preventing damage during the loading and unloading process. Many of these procedures also address safety issues for the switch crew as well as loading and unloading personnel. The video illustrates examples of both good and bad practices and how damage may result if the multi-levels are not properly placed. (10 min., 1/03) (DPV 48) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Multi-Level Inspection and Preparation Provides training on maintenance and inspection of multi-level equipment. Highlights proper procedures for maintaining interior and exterior components, mechanical parts and other equipment, including wheel chocks, chain tie down devices, and more. References AAR Interchange Rules, Section I of Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices, and the Multi-Level Manual. (12.5 min., 7/94) (DPV 35) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Chocking the Motor Vehicle Demonstrates how to install, remove and store various types of tri-level and bi-level wheel chocks. Steel, plastic and co-polymer chocks are shown as well as the new grate system used on bi-level equipment. (21 min., 5/95) (DPV 37) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Chock Equipped! Handle with Care Developed to help educate railroad personnel in the proper handling of motor vehicle shipments restrained with wheel chock systems. This video focuses on bi-level auto racks equipped with the “Grate/Lock” chock system; however the principles of careful handling apply to all railcars. (15 min., 10/96) (DPV 40) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Vehicle Loading and Unloading

Quality Reviews—Damage Awareness
This video details some recommended practices and procedures that have scored poorly during Quality Reviews of motor vehicle handling facilities. Scenes depict some of the damage that may result if the procedures and recommended practices as detailed in the AAR Multi-Level Manual are not followed. The video is designed as an awareness video for all personnel working at these facilities. (8 min., 09/01) (DPV 46) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Quality Inspections of Motor Vehicles This video puts the viewer in the shoes of the inspector as he demonstrates the accuracy and timeliness of motor vehicle inspections and various methods for locating damage. Clean clothing is stressed, along with the proper handling of equipment to prevent damage during the inspection process. Safety is emphasized throughout. (7 min., 5/93) (DPV 32) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Origin Motor Vehicle Handling Details recommended handling principles for origin loading personnel to help prevent damage to motor vehicles. The recommendations parallel the recommended practices found in the AAR Multi-level Manual. (20 min., 7/98) (DPV 43) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Destination Handling of Motor Vehicles This video demonstrates the recommended handling practices for motor vehicles at destination facilities. The program covers the spotting of the multi-levels, handling of bridge plates and end doors, release of securement systems, unloading the vehicle and proper baying procedures. Damage prevention and safety practices are stressed throughout the video. (13.5 min., 3/00) (DPV 44) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Safety Auto Ramp Safety The video is designed to be of interest to all personnel at either an Origin or a Destination Auto facility. The 15 minute video illustrates issues such as climbing auto rack ladders, proper clothing, storage of equipment such as chocks and tools, shuttle van safety and many other safety related practices. (15 min., 06/01) (DPV 45) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Work Safely with Multi-Levels Aimed at heightening safety awareness of people who work with and around multilevel auto racks. Special emphasis is placed on safe climbing of railcar side ladders. Also covers handling of safety equipment, tools, and proper clothing. (14.5 min., 10/96) (DPV 41) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Special Vehicle Handling
Motor Vehicle Shipping for Import Manufacturers Developed for import vehicle manufacturers and their engineering personnel although others involved in vehicle shipping will be interested. Focuses on types of multi-levels, restraint systems, vehicle design factors and research to find better methods of delivering vehicles damage-free. Domestic manufacturers and various railroad departments will find this an informative production. (12.5 min., 7/88) (DPV 12) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Proper Loading & Unloading of Dual-Wheel Pickups Demonstrates recommended methods of handling dual wheel pickup trucks to reduce potential for damage during rail transportation process. Safe handling methods demonstrated include: staging dual wheel pickups in bay, planning the load, using a spotter, and positioning and securing units on multi-level. (8 min., 8/91) (DPV 23) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Current Distribution Operations for Motor Vehicles Gives an overview of the current handling practices for shipping motor vehicles by rail. Each step in handling the vehicle from plant or port through the transportation process to the final customer is shown. Basic Damage Prevention principles are demonstrated as well as dramatic footage of the phenomenon called truck hunting. (12 min., 3/93) (DPV 30) $35 (Non-Member, $70)