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Boxcar Video

These videos focus on the safe operation of boxcar doors.  The loading practices depicted herein are an artist’s conception and are not suitable for freight loading and should not be practiced.  For questions regarding proper loading and securement of freight in boxcars, contact DPLS@aar.com.

Full Video, Act 1, Act 2, Act 3.  Both English and Spanish

Full Video

V 50 Video
Spanish Full Video

Act 1

V 50 Video
Spanish Act 1

Act 2

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Spanish Act 2

Act 3V 50 Video
Spanish Act 3


Training programs may be purchased online at www.aarpublications.com.

General Damage Prevention & Equipment

Boxcar Doors—An Overview This video is designed to help educate personnel in proper and safe operation of plug and sliding doors commonly found on boxcars. Video scenes detail recommended inspection procedures and illustrate how doors operate to open and close. Various styles of door types are shown, along with examples of damage. Safety practices and tips are highlighted throughout the video. The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), representing major automotive manufacturers, has endorsed this video which was made through a cooperative effort of the AIAG, and the Association of American Railroads (AAR).
(19 min., 9/02) (DPV 47) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Material Handling for Food Products  Educates operators and supervisors in use of material handling equipment during loading and unloading of food products in railcars. Shows proper safe inspection and use of common types of lift equipment. (16 min., 11/89) (DPV 18) $35 (Non-Member, $70)
Proper Use of Bulkhead Doors Demonstrates procedures for safe handling of bulkhead doors. Covers handling of the one-piece, two-piece, and air-inflatable bulkhead doors which are the most common types. Stresses thorough inspection of boxcar side doors and bulkhead equipment, along with safety and loading efficiency. (9.5 min., 12/91) (DPV 24) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Understanding Shock and Vibration Defines shock and vibration, shows how forces are measured, and explains effects on lading. Part 1 examines shock and vibration measurement and covers terminology. Part 2 introduces data collection and interpretation techniques. (23 min., 11/92) (DPV 28) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Grain Car Loading Addresses imbalanced and overloaded grain cars. This video was produced by Burlington Northern Railroad, and is a cooperative effort by grain shippers and rail carriers to share information on proper grain loading procedures. Also see General Information Bulletin (G.I.B.) No. 5—Overloaded or Unbalanced Hopper Cars Are Unsafe. (15 min., 8/93) (DPV 34) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Use and Protection of Boxcar Doors Addresses damage to boxcar doors caused by improper opening and closing of doors, and by the loading and unloading process. This video demonstrates how to open and close boxcar doors correctly to prevent door damage. (12 min., 4/98) (DPV 42) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

The Freight Goes Through A classic film on careful car handling practices converted to video. Addresses principles train crews should follow during switching operations. Stresses the railroad customers’ need for a damage-free product, not a claim settlement. Slow motion footage of over-speed impacts shows negative results in damage to product and rail equipment. (20 min., 1952) (DPV 302) $35 (Non-Member, $70)



Safe and Damage Free Handling of Paper Products Version 1.0 Eleven individual PowerPoint based training and instructional modules with script and discussion items for the safe handling of paper products shipped in closed cars and intermodal. Addresses load planning, rail equipment, material handling and other pertinent damage prevention issues related to roll paper stock. (6/04)(DP360CD) $75 (Non-Member, $150)

Quality Damage-Free Service Demonstrates an AAR approved securement method for shipping packaged, cut paper stock by rail. Covers use of disposable inflatable dunnage bags (D.I.D.), void fillers and other materials. Highlights boxcar inspection, preparation, load planning and use of 4-way pallets. (7 min., 10/92) (DPV 26) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

On the Core . . . Out the Door  Illustrates fundamental loading practices for 40”, 45”, and 50” diameter roll paper and gives the customer information about various options available for safe, damage-free transit over the North American rail system. Demonstrates use of void fillers, contour buffer pads, disposable inflatable dunnage bags, steel straps, and synthetic strap. (13 min., 7/93) (DPV 33) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Roll Paper Awareness A slide program on video—presents basic principles of shipping roll paper by rail. The video is divided into nine modules addressing: packaging, rail equipment, intermodal equipment, transportation equipment selection and preparation, materials handling, loading procedures, load securement, doorway protection, and damage descriptions. (20 min., 7/94) (DPV 36) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Handling 3-Meter Rolls Demonstrates AAR approved procedures for loading and securing 120” (3-meter) wide roll printing paper using steel strap in cushion-equipped boxcars. Car inspection, preparation, loading, and installation of securement straps highlighted. (8 min., 9/95) (DPV 38) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

“Who’s Responsible? You Are . . . We All Are” Created to illustrate the effects of damage to roll paper from the customer’s perspective. It stresses the impact of handling roll paper in the manufacturing, transportation, receiving, and warehousing processes. (16 min., 7/96) (DPV 39) $35 (Non-Member, $70)


Intermodal Damage Prevention

General Topics
General Principles of Securement for Intermodal Shipping Covers general guidelines for use of wood blocking, steel strapping, Ty-Gard, Palla-Gard, D.I.D. bags and friction panels, and trailer end doors as explained in Rule 5-A, Intermodal Loading Guide. Highlights several popular intermodal securement systems. (16 min., 5/90) (DPV 19) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Understanding the Intermodal Environment Illustrates the effects of forces generated on freight transported in an intermodal environment. Highlights AAR approved securement methods, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, along with premium intermodal services designed to reduce potential for damage. (9 min., 7/91) (DPV 22) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Paper and Lumber
Intermodal Loading of Printing Paper Braced with Ty-Gard Illustrates an AAR approved intermodal loading method for rolled printing paper braced with Ty-Gard. Emphasizes trailer inspection, preparation and loading along with proper installation of Ty-Gard barriers using Ty-Bond and Ty-Patch adhesive strips. (7 min., 6/89) (DPV 15) $35 (Non-Member, $70)


Intermodal Loading of Printing Paper Using Wood Blocking & Steel Strapping Demonstrates AAR approved procedures for damage-free intermodal shipment of rolled printing paper using wood blocking and steel strapping. Features trailer inspection and preparation, with emphasis on loading, blocking and bracing procedures. (6.5 min., 6/89) (DPV 16) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Intermodal Loading of Pulpboard Illustrates loading and bracing of pulpboard rolls in TOFC/COFC. Demonstrates application of wood floor blocking and steel or web strapping as tested and approved for intermodal shipments. (7 min., 7/90) (DPV 20) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Intermodal Loading of Lumber Using Floor Blocking & D.I.D. Bags Demonstrates AAR approved procedure for loading of dimensional lumber TOFC/COFC. Highlights equipment inspection, materials, and application of securement system as described in the Intermodal Loading Guide. (7 min., 8/90) (DPV 21) $35 (Non-Member, $70)


Other Topics

Intermodal Drum Loading for Rail Shipment (DPV 1) Provides information on loading drums of non-hazardous materials for intermodal rail shipment. Highlights safety, trailer inspection, trailer preparation and loading techniques. Features four approved drum loading configurations universally accepted by the railroad industry. (16 min., 6/87) (DPV 1) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Case Goods Secured with Disposable Inflatable Dunnage Bags (DPV 25) Demonstrates an AAR approved method for shipping case goods in TOFC/COFC shipments by rail. This method is used with stretch-wrapped case goods (minimum 90 gauge) on pallets or slip sheets. Video highlights trailer inspection/ preparation, load planning, and placement of materials. (5.5 min., 10/92) (DPV 25) $35 (Non-Member, $70)


Motor Vehicle Damage Prevention

Equipment Maintenance and Handling
Proper Placement of Multi-Levels This video is directed towards switch crews that place multi-level auto racks for loading and unloading motor vehicles. The video details many recommended procedures for placing multi-levels that will aid in preventing damage during the loading and unloading process. Many of these procedures also address safety issues for the switch crew as well as loading and unloading personnel. The video illustrates examples of both good and bad practices and how damage may result if the multi-levels are not properly placed. (10 min., 1/03) (DPV 48) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Multi-Level Inspection and Preparation Provides training on maintenance and inspection of multi-level equipment. Highlights proper procedures for maintaining interior and exterior components, mechanical parts and other equipment, including wheel chocks, chain tie down devices, and more. References AAR Interchange Rules, Section I of Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices, and the Multi-Level Manual. (12.5 min., 7/94) (DPV 35) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Chocking the Motor Vehicle Demonstrates how to install, remove and store various types of tri-level and bi-level wheel chocks. Steel, plastic and co-polymer chocks are shown as well as the new grate system used on bi-level equipment. (21 min., 5/95) (DPV 37) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Chock Equipped! Handle with Care Developed to help educate railroad personnel in the proper handling of motor vehicle shipments restrained with wheel chock systems. This video focuses on bi-level auto racks equipped with the “Grate/Lock” chock system; however the principles of careful handling apply to all railcars. (15 min., 10/96) (DPV 40) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Vehicle Loading and Unloading

Quality Reviews—Damage Awareness This video details some recommended practices and procedures that have scored poorly during Quality Reviews of motor vehicle handling facilities. Scenes depict some of the damage that may result if the procedures and recommended practices as detailed in the AAR Multi-Level Manual are not followed. The video is designed as an awareness video for all personnel working at these facilities. (8 min., 09/01) (DPV 46) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Quality Inspections of Motor Vehicles This video puts the viewer in the shoes of the inspector as he demonstrates the accuracy and timeliness of motor vehicle inspections and various methods for locating damage. Clean clothing is stressed, along with the proper handling of equipment to prevent damage during the inspection process. Safety is emphasized throughout. (7 min., 5/93) (DPV 32) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Origin Motor Vehicle Handling Details recommended handling principles for origin loading personnel to help prevent damage to motor vehicles. The recommendations parallel the recommended practices found in the AAR Multi-level Manual. (20 min., 7/98) (DPV 43) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Destination Handling of Motor Vehicles This video demonstrates the recommended handling practices for motor vehicles at destination facilities. The program covers the spotting of the multi-levels, handling of bridge plates and end doors, release of securement systems, unloading the vehicle and proper baying procedures. Damage prevention and safety practices are stressed throughout the video. (13.5 min., 3/00) (DPV 44) $35 (Non-Member, $70)


Auto Ramp Safety The video is designed to be of interest to all personnel at either an Origin or a Destination Auto facility. The 15 minute video illustrates issues such as climbing auto rack ladders, proper clothing, storage of equipment such as chocks and tools, shuttle van safety and many other safety related practices. (15 min., 06/01) (DPV 45) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Work Safely with Multi-Levels Aimed at heightening safety awareness of people who work with and around multilevel auto racks. Special emphasis is placed on safe climbing of railcar side ladders. Also covers handling of safety equipment, tools, and proper clothing. (14.5 min., 10/96) (DPV 41) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Special Vehicle Handling

Motor Vehicle Shipping for Import Manufacturers Developed for import vehicle manufacturers and their engineering personnel although others involved in vehicle shipping will be interested. Focuses on types of multi-levels, restraint systems, vehicle design factors and research to find better methods of delivering vehicles damage-free. Domestic manufacturers and various railroad departments will find this an informative production. (12.5 min., 7/88) (DPV 12) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Proper Loading & Unloading of Dual-Wheel Pickups Demonstrates recommended methods of handling dual wheel pickup trucks to reduce potential for damage during rail transportation process. Safe handling methods demonstrated include: staging dual wheel pickups in bay, planning the load, using a spotter, and positioning and securing units on multi-level. (8 min., 8/91) (DPV 23) $35 (Non-Member, $70)

Current Distribution Operations for Motor Vehicles Gives an overview of the current handling practices for shipping motor vehicles by rail. Each step in handling the vehicle from plant or port through the transportation process to the final customer is shown. Basic Damage Prevention principles are demonstrated as well as dramatic footage of the phenomenon called truck hunting. (12 min., 3/93) (DPV 30) $35 (Non-Member, $70)