Jump Chock Series Codes - with Adjacent Codes 8 and 9 (WORD)

Jump Chock Series Codes - with Adjacent Codes 8 and 9 (PDF)

New Jump Chock Series Poster (13x19, hardstock)

Holland Chock

120501 - VRS Field Repair Kit Repair Instructions Rev A

Holland VRS Operating Instructions Placard

Holland Tri-Lo Model 2 Operating Instructions Placard for hole mounting

Bridge Plate Care Instructions

LockNLoad instruction (pdf)
Spanish Version (pdf)
French Version (pdf)



Tri-Lo Model 2 Chock

VRS Operating Instructions

LocknLoad Operation


Tri-Lo Model 2 Spanish Version

VRS Operating Instructions Spanish

LocknLoad Operation

LocknLoad Operation


Holden Chock

Holden Grate-Lock Chock Inspection and Repair Standards - Procedure and Examples 2017-07-31

Instruction Placard - English - Grip-Lock - 4 chock application

Instrucciones de operación - Pancarta Español -
Grip-Lock - 4 chock application

Holden America USP - Chock Installation Instructions 2020

Training documents and videos for Holden America low-profile Grip-Lock® chock system

Instruction Placard - English

Instrucciones de operación - Pancarta Español

Grip-Lock Chock Operating Instructions - English

Instrucciones de operación - Grip-Lock - Espanol



TrinityRail Chocks

GREEN Chock System Manual AAR

TTM Passenger Vehicle Restraint

Operating Decals

TTM Operating Decal Rev 7
TTM French Operating Decal Rev 7
TTM Spanish Operating Decal Rev7

TTM Manual Rev 7
TTM French Manual Rev 7
TTM Spanish Manual Rev 7

Training Videos
TTM Video Rev 7
TTM French Video Rev 7
TTM Spanish Video Rev 7


To schedule training, ask questions or provide feedback call Bob Cencer, Field Service Engineer at 734 604 4320 or email to bob.cencer@trin.net

ZefTek Chocks


LoPro Application Instructions Placemat 11 x 17

LoPro Instr w-vo -PPT Slideshow

LoPro Placard 11 x 17 Esp

LoPro Instr Esp c-voz

LoPro PP Slides Esp


LoPro Use and Storage Final - Video

LoPro Video Spanish Video

4000-Sta-Put (Foot) Application Instructions Placemat 11 x 17, 2010

4000-Sta-Put (pie) Slides Esp

4000-Sta-Put PLacard 11 x 17 Esp

4001-Sta-Put c-Eslinga, Slides Esp

4002-Sta-Put c-eslinga Placard 11 x 17 Esp

4002-PP Sta-Put w-Strap for RAILCAR PLACARD 2012 11X17

Sta-Put c-Eslinga, Instr c-voz Esp

Sta-Put Instr c-voz Esp

19451Wabtec Sta-Put Repair LgPoster PRF

Sta-Put Instr w-vo PPT Slideshow

19704-Sta-Put-FX-Wabtec Spanish Placard PRF


Sta-Put w-Strap Use and Storage Video

Sta-Put w/ Strap Video (w/ sub-titles)

Sta Put c-eslinga Video

StaPut Video Spanish

Hybrid Lo-Pro

Hibrido Placard 11 x 17 Esp

Hibrido PP Slides-II Esp


Hybrid Lo-Pro Chock Application Video

Hibrido Spanish

Hybrid Lubrication